Tarot Series: The World

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36, 2015

Another of my homoerotic Tarot cards.

The World is better titled “The Universe” or “Existence,” but outside a few astronauts, people’s experience is limited to this planet, so I kept The World and used it as my backdrop. The main figure is meant to be dancing. I’m not sure if that’s clear in the card, and my model said it looked like he was falling, but since he was in space, I thought he should be floating.

The four figures in the corners are derived from symbols in the Book of Revelations, which over the centuries became associated with the four Gospel writers. I usually avoid Christian symbology, but I can’t resist putting men in animal heads. At any rate, many Tarot readers associate the figures with Zodiac signs, the classical elements, and the suits of the Minor Arcana. Think of the winged man representing reason, the winged ox symbolizing the physical, the winged lion representing action, and the of-course-it’s-winged eagle representing emotion. Thus all of the world is represented here, with the Dancer symbolizing the invisible, but very important, spirituality.

When this card comes up in a reading, tell your Querent that this signifies the satisfying completion of something. If the Major Arcana represent a journey of The Fool from Magician to World, then he has completed a successful journey and is wiser for the experience. It is the graduation, the retirement, the wedding, or the Bar Mitzvah. Something is completed, and you can start the next phase knowing you have mastered the previous phase. The Querent is aware of the limits of the World, but can dance in those limitations.

If the question is about gay romance, this is a good card to pop up if your Querent is marriage minded. I suppose this might also indicate success at mastering a complex kink. Will he be renowned for his rope-work? Why, with some dedication and passion, he will be known state-wide for his skill in trussing up willing gentlemen and hanging them from the ceiling!

Unfortunately, if they are worried about having a sex addiction, tell them they will be able to tackle it after they have mastered promiscuity and have had sex with, if not the entire world, near enough to it.


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